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From students and parents



Adult student

"In a time where focusing on creative pursuits feels daunting, Anna offers you a chance to shake off the dust by exploring your voice. You get a chance to sing-from within and the colourful metaphors and imagery she uses make for an embodied experience. I love my time with her!"

- Kate, Victoria BC


Tim and Corrine

Parents of a student

"Anna teaches what she believes and what she practices - music as self-care, the voice as an empowering expression of the whole person and a powerful medium for social change, and the studio as an iteration of a space in which all are welcome. Our daughter had an immediate sense of safety and welcome with Anna, which liberated her both to sing freely at the level she was already at, and to move forward into new terrain with confidence and hope. Hummingbird Song Studio is about making beautiful music, and about becoming more whole in the process. We would recommend Anna and ABP Music Studio to anyone, with our highest commendation."

-Tim and Corrine, Winnipeg



Former student

"Anna is a woman I look up to. She tailored every lesson to exactly what I needed. Anna created opportunities for me and encouraged me as a person and in what I was learning. Anna started as a vocal teacher, turned into a friend, and now is a life role model. Anna is a lovely, encouraging, wonder-filled, talented, grounded, and gentle woman. I can't explain how thankful I am that she is in my life and that she was my vocal coach. I would be where I am without her."

-Soleil, Winnipeg



Parent of a former student

"My teenage daughter was interested in songwriting but didn’t know where to start.   Working with Anna gave her the tools and confidence to find her voice and write her first song! 

Anna created a safe space for my daughter to explore her creativity and develop her skills and confidence."

-Erin, Winnipeg

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