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Trail in Woods

Not accepting new students

As of January 1st 2024, ABP Music Studio is in hibernation to allow space for other projects.

Please sign up for the wait list if you'd like to do so.

If you're interested in mindfulness-focused voice lessons, we recommend contacting Christina at

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ABP Music Studio

Singing for self-care

Group singing, individual voice, and songwriting, lessons to soothe, encourage, and ignite your soul.


Did you know your voice is a beautiful tool for self-care and social change, and you carry it with you everywhere you go? 🥰 ABP Music Studio is for you if you're looking for empowering voice and/or songwriting lessons. I teach lessons to all ages, but have a special heart for empowering the voices of adult and teenaged non-binary folks and women. 🏳️‍🌈

My Teaching Philosophy 📜

My philosophy revolves around empowerment, inclusion, beauty and kindness. My goal is to help each student develop a set of tools to enable freedom and joy in their singing and in their lives.🥳


My Qualifications 🎼

  • I am currently completing a Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapy through the 

    WHEAT Institute. 

    This influences the creative and accepting approach I bring to my teaching.


  • Post-baccelaureate Diploma in Vocal Performance,

    University of Manitoba


  • Bachelor of Music,

    Canadian Mennonite University


  • Orff Level 1,

    University of Manitoba

  • The Art of Managing Your Career

    Creative Manitoba

  • 10 years of teaching singing, acting, choral directing, and community music leadership.


  • I am a classical soprano, a musical theatre singer-actor, and a singer-songwriter. I value many approaches to music making and look forward to supporting you in pursuit of the music you love.


Ready to get in touch? Use the contact page to connect!

ABP Music Studio is an explicitly Affirming space. Every person deserves to create and make music. All people and identities are welcome, and as a queer woman, I especially seek to empower the voices of women, trans/non-binary, and queer folks.🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️


Vocal Lessons

Tend to your inner voice

Let me support you as you become a more courageous singer! One-on-one online lessons to pursue your goals as a singer. Focus is catered to your needs, and can include vocal exploration, vocal technique, meditation, breath work, theory, performance skills, song interpretation, acting coaching, translating text, and preparing for performances.

Songwriting Lessons

Write your own songs!

One-on-one coaching to meet you where you're at as a songwriter. No previous experience is necessary to express yourself and work on your own poetry and music.

Group Lessons

Build confidence and community

Small-group singing classes are a wonderful way to build up your confidence, musicianship skills, to practice self-care, and to meet other great humans. The Courageous Voices Collective is a group singing class that runs sessions several times per year and is designed to uplift and amplify the voices of queer women and non-binary folks.

What else?

Coaching, workshops, and mindfulness

Vocal Masterclass leadership, adjudicating competitions, music directing for theatre, spiritual music services (planning and leading), mindfulness classes, expressive arts and self-care inspired workshops.

Why choose ABP Music Studio?

What makes Anna's approach to teaching special and right for you?

ABP Music Studio is an online voice and songwriting studio designed to empower teenagers and adults who identify as women, queer, trans and/or non-binary on their singing journey. If you resonate with the values and goals of ABP Music Studio, perhaps it's the right space for you! Get in touch :) Here are some central pillars of how what I have to offer as a voice teacher might be right for you...


Queer Affirming Space

You are welcome here just as you are. I will cherish your pronouns and name, honour your story, and maybe we can just smash the hetero-patriarchy a bit by diving into the radical act of honouring and celebrating your wonderful queer voice!


Trauma-informed lessons

Learn from a teacher who is passionate about self-care, mental-health, and who has lived experience of the profound connection between mental health and singing. You will not be shamed, intimidated, or made to feel small here.


Teaching artist

Learn healthy, freeing technique for a variety of genres from a teacher who is a performing artist as well as a teacher.


Different genres

Strengthen a healthy, freeing, authentic singing technique that will apply to whatever genre you love most. As an interdisciplinary singer herself, Anna is delighted to share how her studies in classical singing and experience in pop, indie, and folk singing influence each other positively!

About the Hummingbird

The hummingbird isn't just a cute mascot; She is also a symbol for peace-building. I once heard a powerful parable (originating in South America) at the Canadian School of Peace-building, and it goes something like this: There was a terrible forest fire, and all the animals of the forest gathered around the forest, paralyzed with fear and overwhelm. But there was a little hummingbird who decided to put out the fire - one drop of water at a time. Elephant, instead of using his trunk to help Hummingbird put out the fire, asked Hummingbird what she was doing. Hummingbird (without stopping) said, "I am doing what I can." It was better for one hummingbird to do what she was able to do, rather than stay paralyzed in fear. This action inspired the other animals to help.Sometimes we feel like a hummingbird, and that our wings are torched from fire-fighting for so long. I believe music is a powerful and empowering gift - studying singing gives us an emotional outlet, and helps us develop tools for developing resilience, being kinder to ourselves, and for showing up as stronger, braver citizens of the world.

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