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Fees and Registration: About

ABP Music Studio

FAQ, Fees, and Registration

⭐️ How Do I Sign up for lessons?

1. Please contact me by email or through the "contact" page on this website to indicate your interest.

2. We will follow up with a short phone call to meet and schedule a first lesson.

3. If, after the first lesson, we both wish to move forward, I will then send you a quote and payment plan schedule (if applicable), and then your first invoice.

4. Then we can get to the REALLY good part - making excellent music, exploring creativity, and expressing boldly!

💵 Tuition Structure

As of May 2023: CAD$75/hr

​Fee structures will be changing in autumn 2023 to allow for both memberships and 1-off lessons.


-Please use the contact form on the "contact" page of this website to inquire about lessons.

-All lessons will be online.

-Lessons are available for students in Victoria BC, but also globally! I have successfully taught students across Canada and Europe.

-Lessons are typically weekly for 60 minutes.

-Cost does not include music resources like books.

-Payment and registration is due before 1st lesson. Payment is possible as either a monthly payment plan at the start of each month, or payment in a lump sum prior to the first lesson.

-Should you wish to cancel your Payment Plan, I require 1 full month notice.

-I do not offer refunds

-I require 24 hrs notice to cancel/reschedule a lesson

-Each student may have 1 no-questions-asked makeup lesson per term.

-Please contact asap if you have questions or concerns about tuition or registration.

-Terms and conditions subject to change.

Fees and Registration: About

New Student Interest

Fill out this form in order to register online

If you have any questions, please email me through my "contact" button below. It is important that we have a conversation to check if it is the right fit before proceeding with registration and payment.

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Why choose ABP Music Studio?

What makes Anna's approach to teaching special and right for you?

ABP Music Studio is an online voice and songwriting studio designed to empower teenagers and adults who identify as women, queer, trans and/or non-binary on their singing journey. If you resonate with the values and goals of ABPMS, perhaps it's the right space for you! Get in touch :) Here are some central pillars of how what I have to offer as a voice teacher might be right for you...


Queer Affirming Space

You are welcome here just as you are. I will cherish your pronouns and name, honour your story, and maybe we can just smash the hetero-patriarchy a bit by diving into the radical act of honouring and celebrating your wonderful queer voice!


Trauma-informed lessons

Learn from a teacher who is passionate about self-care, mental-health, and who has lived experience of the profound connection between mental health and singing. You will not be shamed, intimidated, or made to feel small here.


Teaching artist

Learn healthy, freeing technique for a variety of genres from a teacher who is a performing artist as well as a teacher.


Different genres

Strengthen a healthy, freeing, authentic singing technique that will apply to whatever genre you love most. As an interdisciplinary singer herself, Anna is delighted to share how her studies in classical singing and experience in pop, indie, and folk singing influence each other positively!

Fees and Registration: Features
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