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The Courageous Voices Collective

A group singing workshop for adult treble clef/upper voice singers of ANY gender expression.

CVC is all about creative self-care and community-building.

 There is no currently planned CVC session. Follow on IG for latest news.

🙌 Want to prioritize self-care in the context of a musical community? Want to become a more courageous singer? Join The Courageous Voices Collective - an empowering 8-week singing workshop for treble clef/upper voice singers of ANY gender expression, with a focus on queer community and allyship. 🌈



This 8-week workshop focuses on mindfulness, confidence-building, and deep enjoyment of singing. Through both solo and group work, we hope you'll leave the 8-week session feeling more grounded, courageous and connected.


📆 8 weeks starting January 17 2024

⏰ 7-8pm

📍1355 Mitchell St (Oak Bay United Church)

👯‍♀️ Co-facilitated by Anna Bigland-Pritchard (she/they) (@abp.musicstudio ) and Christina Kent (she/her) (@mindfulsoundstudio )




  • 7 weekly group singing sessions (we’ll learn two songs - one in harmony!)

  • 1 VERY chill, invite-only song-sharing event for both group and solo pieces.

  • Additionally, each student will receive two (2) sixty-minute individual sessions with either Anna or Christina.

  • Two special creative self-care workshops, facilitated by Anna and Christina



🪷CVC will be co-facilitated by Anna Bigland-Pritchard (she/they) (@abp.musicstudio) and Christina Kent (she/her) (@mindfulsoundstudio). Anna and Christina are both classically trained musicians who know that an empowered singer can enjoy and explore all kinds of genres and styles. They approach teaching from a mindfulness lens and believe in the power of singing for connecting to yourself, the earth, and with others! 🎶


1. How do I know if I’m a “treble” singer?

Short answer: Don't worry about it too much. If you want

to sing, we'll support your voice.

Longer answer: Upper voices are voices in the treble clef, traditionally known as "altos" "sopranos" and "countertenors". "Treble" or "Upper Voices" are non-gendered terms, which we prefer because your vocal range has nothing to do with your gender! If you enjoy singing anywhere between the G below middle C and the G above a high C - you might have an upper voice!

2. What do we mean by allies?

For us, an ally is someone who is not queer themselves, but who is supportive of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. This person loves to sing, and is committed to co-creating a safer and joyful singing environment.



Email anna [at] or DM Anna on IG @abp.musicstudio if you have any questions.



We’re so glad. You can register easily online! Follow the button at the bottom of this page.


🤠 Thanks for reading! We can’t wait to celebrate your voice.

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