Queering Debussy - Ariettes Oubliées

Exploring Debussy's music from a queer and ecological lens

New Project Alert!

This exciting new project exists to highlight the intersection of queerness, nature, & art song through a series of audio-visual content of Debussy’s Ariettes oubliées. Exploring contemporary filmmaking and music video practices, intermodal arts, and experimental approaches to mixing "nature sounds" into classical music, we will present classical vocal music in an interesting and easily accessible format.

The dream team!

Anna Bigland-Pritchard: soprano, co-director, marketing

Alex Chen: collaborative pianist, co-director, administration

Kelly Conklin: Filming and editing

Wynn Gogol: Audio engineering, mixing and mastering

Angelica Schwartz: Dramaturg

Jami Reimer: Sound Artist

Claire Saunders: Dance and movement

The project will be screened and released digitally in November 2022.

Thank you to Canada Council for the Arts for funding this project!

Watch this space and our social media for updates!

Ariettes Oubliées.png